Shadow Wolf: Part 1

Remember the fantasy world of Endellion? Well, that world is back!

Marielle, Stella, Lysander, and Freya return in a new story called “Shadow Wolf.” This one is based on a writing prompt from Intuitive Writing Guide’s website.

Every month, Arielle posts a new writing prompt and encourages others to use it for a story, which is exactly what I did. I’ve decided to start using IWG prompts every month if possible, so look for these stories along with my normal Prompted stories! IWG stories will likely be posted in the second half of the month (unlike Prompted stories, which are posted on the first Friday) because IWG prompts come out at the beginning of the month. I don’t have a specific publishing schedule at the moment, but I’ll see what works and stick with that.

This is the prompt for today’s story:

“What big teeth you have, Grandmother!”

“All the better to––”

“Eat me with?”

“I was hoping you wouldn’t notice.”

“Yeahhh, I’m not sure why you thought that would work.”

~ Mirriam Neal

Due to Marielle’s age and voice, I decided to alter the prompt’s wording just slightly in my story. It was so much fun to write a fairy-tale retelling, though! I’ll have to do those more often!

Not every IWG story will be set in a world I’d already created for another story, but this one fit so well with child make-believe play that I decided to return to Marielle. But don’t mistake make-believe with unimportant. Though it starts out lighthearted, “Shadow Wolf” is much more serious than “Endellion” was.

“Shadow Wolf” is split in four different scenes, and each scene changes POVs (though there are only two POV characters). So, I am splitting the story into four posts. It’s not a terribly long story (around 4,500 words), but I thought this would be easier than trying to have two scenes in one post. A new scene will be posted with each day, so Part 2 will be posted tomorrow, Saturday the 28th, Part 3 on Sunday the 29th, and Part 4 on Monday the 30th.

I hope you enjoy the first part of “Shadow Wolf”!


“You can be the wolf.” I hop up and down, my curls bouncin’ against my shoulders. “I’ll be Red Riding Hood!”

“Why do you get to be Red?” Daddy crosses his arms and sticks out his lip in a pout. He looks real silly. “I always have to be the bad guy!”

I giggle. “You’re not a girl, Daddy! You can’t be Red!”

“Well, maybe Red could be a little boy. Have you ever thought of that, Marielle?”

“But Red Riding Hood is a girl. I know she is. That’s how the story goes.”

“Well, maybe we could change the story up. Or, I could be the grandmother.” He waggles his eyebrows. “I could get your mom’s apron––”

“I’ll be the grandmother, thank you very much.” Mommy’s voice comes from the kitchen. “The grandmother dies without ever coming into the story, which means I can get some cooking done. Now go be a good wolfie.”

I laugh more. Daddy’s a good wolfie!

“If I have to.” He gets down on his knees with a grunt. “Okay, little Miss Red, walk through the woods now!”

“Here, Marigold.” Mommy appears in the doorway. She’s wearin’ her apron with little faeries on it––it’s my favorite ’cause it always makes me think of Stella––and holdin’ a basket. “Red can’t be without one!”

“Thanks, Mommy! You’re the best mommy ever!” I take the basket. “Are you gonna be the woodsman too?”

“I guess I have to.” Mommy shakes her head, then disappears into the kitchen, calling, “Tell me when you need me to rescue you from the wolfie’s stomach.”

I take my basket and start skippin’ through the “woods.” Daddy stops me for a sec, then lets me go on by, but he’s just goin’ to Granny’s house so he can eat her!

It’s almost as fun as playing with Stella and Freya and Lysander. Almost. Nothing could ever beat Endellion, the world in the shoebox under my bed!

I leave the living room real quick and wait in the hallway, holdin’ the basket. I wish Mommy had put some sweets in here like Red would have. I’m hungry.

“You know,” Daddy says, “I could grab your mom’s nightgown. Then it’d be authentic.”

I dunno what authentic means, but it sounds like Mommy threw somethin’ at him. Is she angry? I think it would be funny if he wore Mommy’s dress!

“Okay, okay.” Daddy laughs. “No nightgown for this wolfie.”

I hear a thump. “You ready yet?”

“Yep! Come on in, little Red!” Daddy says.

I go back into the living room. Daddy’s lying faceup on the carpet, snugglin’ in a blanket. I grin.

“Hello, my dearest granddaughter.”

Daddy’s voice is so high-pitched and silly. He should do this all the time! I would never stop laughin’, never ever! Like when I’m with Stella and Freya and Lysander. They make me laugh a lot.

Guess I haven’t seen them in a while. I keep forgettin’. But I’ll go back soon!

We go through the parts where Red is startin’ to see there’s somethin’ wrong with her granny. I can’t remember which line I forgot.

“What big eyes you have,” Daddy whispers.

Right! “What big eyes you have, Daddy!”

“You have to call me Grandmother. You think I’m your grandma, remember?”

“Oh yeah!” I grip my basket. “What big eyes you have, Grandmother!” Saying it makes me laugh harder. It would be even funnier if he were wearin’ Mommy’s nightgown.

“All the better to see you with.”

“What big teeth you have, Grandmother!”

“All the better to––”

“Eat me with?” I press my hand to my mouth to stifle a giggle.

Daddy frowns. “I was hoping you wouldn’t notice.”

“Yeahhhh. I dunno why you thought that would work.”

“I’m still gonna gobble you up with my super-sharp teeth!” He gets up from the carpet.

“No, you won’t! I’m the fastest person ever!”

“Are you?” He bares his teeth at me. “Well, I bet I’m faster!”

“No, you’re not!”

“Yes, I am! And I’m gonna get you!” He moves toward me, holdin’ out his arms and stickin’ out his tongue.

Squealing, I run away from his hands. My foot catches the coffee table leg, and my head slams against the glass. All goes dark.

Don’t worry; the story isn’t over yet! See Part 2 tomorrow!

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