Christmas Contest Winners

Who’s ready for Christmas?! I know I am!

This month, I decided to use a Christmas-themed writing prompt because why not? Here is the prompt:

This prompt does not belong to me. I have been given permission to use it by Gabrielle Pollack, creator of Rooftop Writing Prompts.

If you like writing prompts, you should definitely check out Rooftop Writing Prompts because they are fun and fantastic. I plan to use more in the future.

Here are the links to the varying contest posts, one on Instagram and one on Facebook. There were so many amazing entries, and Laura, my fellow judge, and I had a difficult time choosing.


Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for… who won?!

Instagram Winner

There she is.

Brown hair in two plaits, a springing step, sparkling green eyes. She flits closer. . . closer. . . My hand shoots out and grabs her arm, jerking her to me.

She gasps. “Jack!”

I clap my hand over her mouth. “Hush!”

“You shouldn’t be here. Papa will kill you if he–”

I’m not listening. My heart crackles as it thumps, growing warmer by the second. I shouldn’t kiss her. But my body has a mind of its own, and before I can contemplate it, my lips cover hers. Her mouth burns mine, my body thawing as I pull her closer. I’m melting, helpless to resist the fire of her heart.

Finally, when I’m certain I will turn into nothing but a puddle if I hold her for one moment more, she pulls back. Her lips are purple, tinged with pale blue. They fade back to red as she catches her breath.

“Jack, we can’t–”

“I love you.”

The words tumble from my mouth, shattering like icicles on the stones at my feet. No Frost has ever dared speak that word to a Claus. But the minute that I saw Holly, I knew we were meant to change the past. The feud ends here, if only I can get her to believe me.

“Jack.” My name trembles on her lips. Her fingers warm my own. I shiver.

“I don’t care what they say.” I lean closer, my breath leaving snowflakes glistening on her hair. “Forget the rivalry. Forget Christmas. Forget everything. Just tell me what you feel.”

She bites her lip. Her breath catches, a tear freezing on her cheek. “I love you too.” I hold her again, savoring her warmth. Some cold foreboding clutches my thawing heart. But her touch melts it. 

I have her now. Everything will be ok.

~ Marit Edwards-Ronning

What a beautifully written story by Marit Edwards-Ronning (@farmgirl4him). If you haven’t read Marit’s writing before, you need to. I’ve had the privilege of watching her grow as a writer, and she certainly is good at writing tear-jerkers. Laura and I loved the forbidden romance she wrote we’re both hopeless romantics. The element of how they’re kept apart because they might harm each other Jack might freeze Holly, and Holly might melt Jack was heartbreaking. They’re together, at least for now… but what if this is only temporary?! I guess we’ll never know.

Facebook Winner

Jack dove into a snowbank and waited for Chris Kringle’s guards to pass. He hoped the blizzard he’d used would erase any tracks. Eventually, he crawled out and looked around.

He froze as he saw a hand sticking out of a snow pile. Rushing forward, he pulled Eve free of the snow and into his lap. Her lips were blue, and when he put his ear to her chest, he couldn’t hear anything.

“Eve … I’m so sorry. I’m so … If I hadn’t … if I’d thought …”

Sobs choked out his attempted apology. Opening his eyes, he noticed that the vial of summer Queen Titania had given him had fallen from his pocket. It was practically full.

Picking it up, he looked down and whispered, “Don’t worry, Eve. I’m coming.”

He swallowed the vial’s contents. Steam immediately billowed from him like cumulus clouds while a bonfire roiled within his belly. He held Eve to his chest. It was all his fault, but he’d fix it. They’d finally be together. Nothing would separate them now.


“Eve?!” he choked. Looking down, he saw her eyes open and widening.

“Jack, what’s happening?”

Tears fell from Jack’s eyes as he laid his hand against Eve’s face. “I swallowed the sun to go to you,” he said. Bending down, he touched his lips to hers and smiled. “I’m glad I got to do that at least once.”

Then Jack Frost became a cloud of steam.

“JACK!” Eve screamed. She fell forward to where he had been holding her only moments ago. Against her hand, she felt something cold. Lifting it up, she saw that it was Jack’s paint.

“If you can swallow the sun, I will swallow frost. Wait for me, Jack.”

And Eve Kringle became a statue of ice.

~ Ariel Jackson

*cue sobbing* This was a beautiful, upsetting entry. Ariel Jackson did an amazing job retelling Romeo and Juliet with Jack Frost and Eve Kringle, creating vivid characters, a doomed love, and strong emotions. Swallowing the sun?! Wow. Never would have thought of that. My heart breaks for the two characters. As always, Ariel, I love your writing, as does Laura.

Changes to the Contests

Due to low participation rates and the difficulty of the medium, I have decided to discontinue my Facebook prompt contests. From now on until I decide otherwise, all my prompt contests will take place on Instagram only. My apologies for any convenience that may cause you! Because of that, there will now be only one winner per prompt again. 

I have also decided that having prompt contests every single month is a bit too stressful for me. They’re fun, most certainly, but they can be a lot of work to prepare and announce and judge. So, next year, I will hold bimonthly contests during the even months. The next contest will take place in February, though I haven’t decided the exact dates yet. (It will most likely be romance-themed because of Valentine’s Day.) I plan to do three-prompt contests each month, however, instead of one-prompt contests, so I hope that makes up for things.

It’s been a fun year, friends. I’m so grateful to each and every person who participated in my prompt contests. I couldn’t run something like this without you. And I’m also incredibly grateful for Shaina Frantz and Laura Hammer, my two judges. You guys made my job so much easier.

There won’t be a prompt contest this January, but I am helping judge the Writer Games, a month-long flash fiction contest. See this post for more details. You guys should totally participate!

Also, watch out for a new post at the end of this month detailing my writing accomplishments of the year! As always, I’m so grateful for the support you’ve given me and the ways you’ve helped me grow. You guys are the best.

Have a merry Christmas! God bless you all!

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