Fairy-Themed Prompt Contest

Who doesn’t love fairies? Whether the trickster fae or a sweet fairy godmother, these kinds of characters can be taken in so many ways. That’s why I chose it for the theme of my April contest!

This month, my co-judge was Shaina Merrick, a writer I met at Realm Makers 2019 who has become one of my dearest friends. My prompt creator, Lydia Jane, really outdid herself with the prompts this month. (I think the participants would agree with me.)

Can I just say thank you to everyone who participated? You really made my week, guys. The sheer amount of participants made judging difficult, but it was so worth it.

Here are the posts for this contest:

Now, onto the winners of the April Prompted Contest!

Prompt 1

“They say fairy dust tastes like memory.” Prompt created by Lydia Jane.

A nearby leaf is coated in gold fairy dust. I snatch it from its bush and bring it to my lips.

They say fairy dust tastes like memories. This batch tastes like a panicked cry and a swift right turn. She’s tired and knows she can’t fly for much longer.

I smile, taking the same turn she did. A few steps later I hear the soft chime of bells. My probing eyes land on a small patch of moss coated in gold. I kneel and run my fingers through the dust.

Her wings won’t carry her any further. She can’t even get into a tree.

I taste the quick scramble to hide beneath the nearest mushroom and hope the human won’t notice.

It almost isn’t fair. They’re so easy to find once you know how to interpret the emotions captured in their dust.

Quickly I snatch the mushroom from the ground. The fairy stares up at me in stunned exhaustion. I grab her and shove her in the bag at my waist with the others.

Today’s hunt is proving exceedingly profitable.

— Lindsi McIntyre

Shaina and I loved Lindsi McIntyre’s (@yeahimaproser) thrilling take on the prompt. I never would’ve thought of fairy hunters! Now I want to march over there and save the fairies from their fate. Amazing job, Lindsi.

Prompt 2

“There are consequences to cutting off your wings.” Prompt created by Lydia Jane.

There are consequences to cutting off your wings. But no one understood them. I certainly hadn’t.


“Cut off your wings and lose your rights as a guardian. That is your only alternative,” the judge bellowed.

Rubbing my face, I weighed my options although I’d already made my choice. I took the blame from my little brother. The judge knew this but had no proof. I could lose my wings or betray my own blood.

“Cut them off.” The words came out cold and lifeless. They tasted like iron in my mouth, as if just saying those three words made my mouth bleed.

The deafening pain hit before I realized the executioner had swung his axe.


I would never forget that night. My back still ached. I still tasted the hot iron. I awoke in cold sweats reliving the night.

At the moment, I hadn’t realized what would come (although my decision would never change).

I was banished.

Banished to another world. A world of darkness… of hate… of death. A world unredeemable.

Instead of saving lives, I took them. Instead of granting more time, I stopped time.

I was no longer Malik Emrys.

I am the Grim Reaper.

— Leah Nicole Drewitt

Leah Nicole Drewitt (@l.n.drewitt_stories) said in her comment that this might have to end up being her next WIP. Well, Shaina and I support that. We want more of this story about the Grim Reaper’s origins, birthed in sacrifice and pain. So take that as a hint, Leah. *wink*

Prompt 3

“No one told me the fairy king was like… this.” Prompt created by Lydia Jane.

No one told me the fairy king was like… this.

I sat back, tapping my foot impatiently. “Just go already.” No wonder Mama sacrificed me to keep the visiting king occupied while she attended state functions.

“You can’t rush these decisions.” King Aldred stroked his chin as he surveyed the chess board.

I snuck a glance at the grandfather clock in the corner. In the past two hours, he’d made approximately… two moves.

No wonder fairies were so well-known for being peaceful. They didn’t rush into wars. They didn’t rush into *anything.* I suppose, living for thousands of years, they didn’t feel the gnawing of minutes ticking by…

I resisted a groan. There had to be a way out of this!

Oh! I sat up. The problem was that we were playing the wrong game.

“Your Majesty,” I murmured, “there’s a sport I think you’ll enjoy much better than this.”

He glanced up at me. “What’s that?”

I stood, cracking my knuckles. “Croquet. It’s my favorite.” At least if he took forever, I could have some fun whacking at things with the mallet.

After all, one day I’d be Queen of Wonderland. I needed practice with our national sport.

— Beka Gremikova

I think I actually snorted when I read Beka Gremikova’s (@beka.gremikova) entry. Turtle-slow chess playing (I can relate), a sassy MC juxtaposed with a mellow character, and Alice in Wonderland! Let’s just say I need more of the fairy king and the Queen of Hearts together.

Thus ends the April Prompted Contest! I hope you had as much fun as Shaina and I did. Watch out for the next contest in June.

So Many Anthologies!

There are some exciting things happening at the end of April and early May! On April 30th, Havok’s Sensational anthology releases. Then, on May 1st, When Your Beauty is the Beast, an anthology full of Beauty and the Beast retellings, is launched into the world! Two anthologies containing my work releasing within a day of each other–let’s just say I’m speechless. It’s such an honor to be published!

Sensational contains my stories “Stone Skin” and “The Language of Sound” (both previously released on Havok but only available to members now), and WYBITB holds a brand-new story called “Shadow of the Cinchona Grove.” It’s a Latinx-inspired retelling of Beauty and the Beast involving animal shapeshifters, plant magic, and curses. I may have to write a sequel involving the character Hortensia…

Basically, it’s an exciting time. And you have an opportunity to win a free copy of When Your Beauty is the Beast (if you’re on Instagram)! Check out my Instagram post for more information about the #beastlybeautychallenge I’m hosting alongside Abigail Falanga and Kaitlyn Emery, who also have stories in the WYBITB anthology. The challenge starts the week before the release, so get ready!

But, if you want the anthology at a discount, order WYBITB from Ye Olde Dragon Books’ website. I’m so excited to be a part of their first anthology!

Thanks for coming alongside me as I attempt the difficult, beautiful life of a writer. *sprinkles fairy dust*

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