About Cassandra

Cassandra Hamm is a recent college graduate with a love for writing, psychology, and people. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Evangel University, along with minors in writing, social sciences, and biblical studies. She is a teacher for Young Writer Lessons and a Community Assistant for the Young Writers Workshop, both affiliated with The Young Writer. She is part of the New Wessex guild on Story Embers and is a proud Realmie. One of her passions is helping people become stronger writers, whether through assisting them in brainstorming or teaching them correct grammar.

Hamm chose to study psychology in college so that she could learn more about people both for writing and for life. She has not regretted that decision, no matter how many times people ask her why she didn’t study English. Before you can ask, no, she is not psychoanalyzing you, dear reader.

Her stories are mostly fantastical in nature, though she dabbles in realistic fiction, exemplified by her novella Shards, which was published on the ministry website Journey Online. Though she wrote about a violinist in Shards, she is actually a cellist. Perhaps she will someday write a story featuring a cellist. Recently, Hamm became interested in writing prompts (see the reason behind the blog here) and has been penning short stories. Still, her true love will always be novels.

Hamm’s goal, no matter the genre, is to write stories that portray real life, even if it means delving into difficult topics such as abuse and trafficking. Not all her stories have a happy ending, but neither does real life. She hopes her readers will be transformed by her raw, honest looks at human nature.

She can be found on Instagram as @cassandrahammwrites and Pinterest as hammcass15.

Fun facts: She’s obsessed with puzzles, cats, and instrumental movie soundtracks. (If you want to see how many instrumental Spotify playlists she has, look here.)