Shadow Wolf: Part 1

Remember the fantasy world of Endellion? Well, that world is back!

Marielle, Stella, Lysander, and Freya return in a new story called “Shadow Wolf.” This one is based on a writing prompt from Intuitive Writing Guide’s website.

Every month, Arielle posts a new writing prompt and encourages others to use it for a story, which is exactly what I did. I’ve decided to start using IWG prompts every month if possible, so look for these stories along with my normal Prompted stories! IWG stories will likely be posted in the second half of the month (unlike Prompted stories, which are posted on the first Friday) because IWG prompts come out at the beginning of the month. I don’t have a specific publishing schedule at the moment, but I’ll see what works and stick with that.

This is the prompt for today’s story:

“What big teeth you have, Grandmother!”

“All the better to––”

“Eat me with?”

“I was hoping you wouldn’t notice.”

“Yeahhh, I’m not sure why you thought that would work.”

~ Mirriam Neal
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This image does not belong to me. I found it on Pinterest.

“You make sure you have a good sleep, okay, Marigold?” Mommy ruffles my hair.

“I will.” My grin fools her as good as ever. She’s never gonna figure it out, never in a thousand, million, billion years! 

“Okay.” She arches her eyebrow. “You’re not staying up reading, are you?”

I giggle. “Of course not.”

“If I find your light still on . . .” She waggles her finger at me.

“I know; I know. I’m not gonna stay up readin’.” I’m gonna stay up doing something she’ll never guess!

“Okay, good.” Mommy kisses my head. “Night, Marielle.”

“You just called me Marielle!” I giggle.

“I know; isn’t it crazy?” Mommy kisses me again. “Okay, night for real, Marielle––my little Marigold.”

“Night, Mommy.” I hide my face under the covers.

She laughs, and then her footsteps creak against the floor. She’s almost gone! The door clicks shut, and I count to twenty. I’m bursting with energy, like big thunderbolts goin’ right through my body. I’d never be able to get to sleep even if I wanted to.

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