Havok Publishing

Havok Publishing is an organization that posts flash fiction daily on their website. In case you were wondering, flash fiction is 1,000 words or less. As someone who used to only write novels, flash fiction was initially very difficult for me. But I’ve been writing for Havok since September 2019, and I’ve come to love the briefness of the medium.

Havok posts each story for twenty-four hours on their home page, which is available to the public. Once the twenty-four hour period is up, however, the story becomes accessible only to members. Then, at the end of each six-month season, Havok chooses the best stories to make up their seasonal anthologies.

Below is a list of my Havok stories. If you’re not a member, you won’t be able to access any of the stories, but the membership is only $5 for a year. Also, the Havok anthologies contain a few of my stories, so you can read some of my work in the collections.

Season 2: “Stories that Sing”

“Stories that Sing” is all about music. Each story is inspired by a specific song from a certain decade. If you purchase the anthology, try to guess what song inspired each of the stories! The answers are listed at the end of each decade’s section.

I just had discovered Havok during this season, so I only submitted three stories. But I’m grateful that Havok gave me a chance even though I wasn’t totally sure how to write flash fiction.

  • “Skinthief”––a science fiction story about a man who takes on the appearances of other people to accomplish criminal tasks. He’s not only forgetting what he looks like; he’s also forgetting who he used to be. Published in Stories that Sing: Havok’s Season Two Anthology.
  • “Walls”––a fantasy story about a city whose walls depend on the stability of the relationships inside.

Season 3: “Bingeworthy”

Havok’s third season focuses on the elements that keep us reading late into the night, from the dynamic duos we love to the high stakes that make us sweat. If you’re interested in the anthology, here is the link.

Season 4: “Sensational”

This season focused on the senses. Each month highlighted a different sense, leading to stories where tastes could mean life or death, or scents sent you back into memories. If you’re interested in the anthology, here is the link.

  • Touch
Gemma and Wynnstan from “Stone Skin.” Art by Beka Gremikova.
  • Taste
    • “Sweet Sting”––a comedy about a faery boy who can’t have pixie dust but decides to eat it anyway.
Ederra and Zoran from “Sweet Sting.” Art by Beka Gremikova.
  • Taste
    • “Rebel Chef”––a thriller about a chef who joins a rebellion and ventures into the war zone to collect decent ingredients.
Remy and Axel from the Rebel Chef series. Art by Jessicah Anderson.
  • Hearing
  • Smell
    • “The Candlemaker”––a fantasy story about a deeply depressed woman who begs the memory keeper to extend the candle whose scent propels her into a memory of her deceased son.
    • “Scentsational”––a comedy about a boy who purchases a scent-based love potion to woo the girl he likes.
  • Sight

Season 5: “Prismatic”

“Prismatic” is all about color, each month focusing on a different shade. If you’re interested in the anthology, here is the link.

Sydney and Galina from “Mustard Maid.” Art by Meaghan Ward.
  • Yellow
  • Red
    • “Stone Heart”––a fantasy story about a girl forced to come on her uncle’s monster hunt who has to decide who is the real monster, the stone golem her village fears or the man who raised her. A prequel to “Stone Skin.” See character art above.
  • Green
    • “Grassy Disaster”––a comedy story about an enchantress allergic to grass who is trying to stop a grass-growing spell.
Abigail and Ryn from “Grassy Disaster.” Art by Lucy Shae.
  • “Enemy Chef”––a thriller story about a chef who is captured by the dystopian leader’s henchman and must use her cooking skills to save both her and the rebellion’s leader. A sequel to “Rebel Chef.” See character art above.
    • “Photosynthetic”––a science fiction story about a girl with photosynthetic powers during an oxygen crisis. Content warning: mention of suicide, rape culture, racism.
  • Purple

Season 6: Casting Call

  • Ruler and Rebel
  • Creator and Explorer
    • “Amethysts to Ashes”––a mystery story unraveling the night a fire decimated the gem-bearing plants inside a corporation’s greenhouse.