Picturesque Contest

Today ends the final Prompted Contest of 2021!

I’d normally do a contest in December, but I’ve decided to take a break for the holidays this year. I really do need a break. New cat mom here!

This contest was a little different. Instead of using word prompts written by Lydia Jane like I have for the past year, I decided to ask my lovely artist friend Meaghan Ward if she could create picture prompts. She certainly delivered. And she also did me the honor of being my co-judge for this contest! Her art account is @meaghan.draws if you’re interested in seeing more of her work.

I won’t type out the rules here, but you can check out this post for more information.

Here are the posts with all the entries:

But now, the moment you’ve been waiting for… here are the winners!

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Fire-Themed Prompt Contest

The flames of summer are hopefully almost gone. But since it’s been so darn hot lately, I decided that the August Prompted Contest would be fire-themed.

My co-judge and prompt creator, Lydia Jane, and I were amazed at the ingenuity of the participants as they created flaming-hot flash fiction stories based on our three prompts. If you want to see all the entries, check out the Instagram posts.

Now onto the winners!

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Summer-Themed Prompt Contest

Summer has so much to love. It’s a time of swimming and sunlight and fresh air; school is out, and worries are few. But it can also be miserable. This past week, where I live, to step outside was to boil.

So I thought I’d choose prompts that capture the magic of summer–and also the heat. Thanks, Lydia Jane, for crafting prompts that encompassed all of summer.

Laura E. and I had such a fun time reading through everyone’s entries. If you’re interested in reading them all, here are the prompt posts:

But I know what the main question is–who were the winners? Read on and you’ll find out.

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Fairy-Themed Prompt Contest

Who doesn’t love fairies? Whether the trickster fae or a sweet fairy godmother, these kinds of characters can be taken in so many ways. That’s why I chose it for the theme of my April contest!

This month, my co-judge was Shaina Merrick, a writer I met at Realm Makers 2019 who has become one of my dearest friends. My prompt creator, Lydia Jane, really outdid herself with the prompts this month. (I think the participants would agree with me.)

Can I just say thank you to everyone who participated? You really made my week, guys. The sheer amount of participants made judging difficult, but it was so worth it.

Here are the posts for this contest:

Now, onto the winners of the April Prompted Contest!

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Music-Themed Prompt Contest

Music can inspire such emotion. That’s why I made it the theme of my February Prompt Contest.

If you’re unfamiliar with my Prompted Contests, every other month, I post three different writing prompts (usually created by Lydia Jane) and ask people to write flash fiction stories based on them. My co-judge for this month’s contest was Kirsten Daniel, an amazing writer and violin teacher (and a dear friend of mine). There’s no one I’d rather have by my side while judging a Music-Themed Contest.

This contest didn’t have quite as much participation as the previous contests, but I think it was because I chose a terrible time of the month to do it. Valentine’s Day, gross weather, the works. But I’m still so excited about the entries. Here are the posts for this month’s contest:

Read on for the winners of the February 2021 Prompted Contest!

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