Other Writing

I love sharing my work with the world. Though this blog is a great way to do that, I also share my work on other outlets. So, here they are all in one place!

  • Amazon Author Page
  • Havok Publishing––a website that posts flash fiction daily. See this page for more details on my work with Havok.
  • “Shadow of the Cinchona Grove”––a short story about a gardener who can speak to plants. When she finds her best friend Manuel, a jaguar shapeshifter, threatening her sister Hortensia, she realizes something is wrong with him––something connected to a strange, dying rosebush that refuses to communicate with her. Published in When Your Beauty is the Beast, an anthology of Beauty and the Beast retellings from Ye Olde Dragon Books.
  • Faces to the Sun––an anthology dedicated to mental health. My short story “Shrieking Shadows,” about a girl struggling with depression, and my poem “the noose,” about my experience with generalized anxiety disorder as a Christian, are both published in this anthology.
  • “Spirit of the Jaguar”––a short story about a girl who goes into the rainforest to beg the gods’ ambassadors, powerful animal spirits, to help her tribe, which is about to be invaded. Published in Warriors Against the Storm, an anthology dedicated to Mary Weber, author of the Storm Siren trilogy, who suffered from mold poisoning.
  • “The Will of the Sky”––a short story about a man about to become the elder of his tribe who has to decide whether or not to restore the honor of his son. Second place short story contest winner on Story Embers, a website that helps Christian storytellers create better stories.
  • “Game, Set, Match”––a flash fiction romance story about a young woman who runs into an old flame at a sand volleyball match. Published with Spark Flash Fiction in their Spring/Summer 2020 Issue.
  • Shards––a novella about an aspiring violinist caught up in deception and desperate to be free from her controlling father. Published on Journey Online, a website meant to help people find God during hard times and pain. Here is a post explaining more about the story.
  • 101 Words––a website that posts flash fiction daily.
    • “Ache”––a flash fiction story about a woman’s encounter with a grieving family.
    • “Welcome”––a flash fiction story about a college student’s bittersweet welcome home. See my Instagram post for the story behind the story.

I look forward to adding more stories to the list!