Music-Themed Prompt Contest

Music can inspire such emotion. That’s why I made it the theme of my February Prompt Contest.

If you’re unfamiliar with my Prompted Contests, every other month, I post three different writing prompts (usually created by Lydia Jane) and ask people to write flash fiction stories based on them. My co-judge for this month’s contest was Kirsten Daniel, an amazing writer and violin teacher (and a dear friend of mine). There’s no one I’d rather have by my side while judging a Music-Themed Contest.

This contest didn’t have quite as much participation as the previous contests, but I think it was because I chose a terrible time of the month to do it. Valentine’s Day, gross weather, the works. But I’m still so excited about the entries. Here are the posts for this month’s contest:

Read on for the winners of the February 2021 Prompted Contest!

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The Post About Shards

You might be wondering what Shards is. Well, I’m glad you asked.

Shards is a novella I wrote for my internship at the ministry organization Network 211. The story was posted on their website Journey Online. Here’s a synopsis:

18-year-old Elisabel Kent wants nothing more than to be accepted at Zenith University and study music so she can fulfill her deceased mother’s dream of becoming a professional violinist. Unfortunately, she has to lie to get there––both to her father and to the university itself.

If you’re interested in reading the story, here’s the first chapter! You’ll find the rest of the links on the website. There are twenty-three chapters in total.

However, on the website, I didn’t have an opportunity to give you an inside look into the story. So, here is that inside look!

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